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Our Medical Advisory Board is made up of renowned Healthcare Professionals whose unique perspectives and expertise inform the strategic direction and success of the company.

Political Advisory Board

Our Political Advisory Board comprises renowned political experts and healthcare professionals who provide strategic guidance and advice to support Sanity Group to meet its mission and objectives.

Latest News

Europe’s first legal cannabis specialist store has opened: “Grashaus Projects” in Switzerland officially launched

Press release –– In a historic step, Switzerland and Europe are breaking new ground: this week, the first legal cannabis store in Europe officially opened its doors in the municipality of Allschwil in the north-western Swiss canton of Basel-Landschaft. To mark the start of the Grashaus Projects pilot project for the controlled distribution of cannabis for recreational purposes, study participants in Basel-Landschaft can now purchase various THC-containing cannabis products – from flowers to hashish, extracts, vape liquids and edibles – at the store under the guidance of trained specialist staff. It is the first store of its kind on the European continent.

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First legal cannabis dispensaries in Europe: Sanity Group and ISGF get green light for a cannabis study in Swiss canton Basel-Landschaft

Sanity Group and the Swiss Institute for Addiction and Health Research (ISGF) received final approval from the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) to conduct a study on the controlled dispensing of recreational cannabis in the canton of Basel-Landschaft, Switzerland. The aim of the study is to learn more about the effects of controlled access to cannabis and thus provide a solid scientific basis for possible decisions on future cannabis regulation in Switzerland. The study with the title “Grashaus Projects” is scheduled to launch later this year. It will initially be dispensed through an initial store in the municipality of Allschwil, with another location in Liestal to follow. Sanity Group is the only German company participating in the Swiss pilot projects.

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