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Medical Advisory Board

Our Medical Advisory Board is made up of renowned Healthcare Professionals whose unique perspectives and expertise inform the strategic direction and success of the company.

Political Advisory Board

Our Political Advisory Board comprises renowned political experts and healthcare professionals who provide strategic guidance and advice to support Sanity Group to meet its mission and objectives.

Latest News

Sanity Group welcomes aspects of the official document outlining the key points on cannabis legalization, but sees room for improvement

Today, the official cornerstone paper of the German government on the controlled dispensing of cannabis to adults for consumption purposes was presented. This follows details released from an internal, non-coordinated draft that became public last week. From the point of view of Sanity Group, one of the leading cannabis companies in Germany, the final and revised version contains interesting approaches and some fruitful frameworks, but the Berlin-based company is critical of certain points.

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Portugal, South Africa and Canada: Sanity Group strengthens and diversifies its global partner network

Berlin-based Sanity Group has signed new, exclusive supply agreements for medical cannabis with partners from Portugal, South Africa and Canada, securing further exclusive rights to around 20 high-THC cannabis flos from selected cultivars with a minimum volume of three tons per year for the brands Vayamed and AVAAY Medical. Deliveries are already scheduled to start at the end of the third quarter and beginning of the fourth quarter of 2022. In addition, further important strategic partnerships have been signed.

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