Our Purpose

Why we are here

We believe
Everybody deserves to live a healthy, balanced life

Cannabis’ Potential
After decades of scientific negligence of the cannabis plant, more and more research is proving what people already knew thousands of years ago: That cannabis can have a positive impact on peoples’ lives.

Our Purpose
Unlock the benefits of cannabis for health and wellbeing and make them widely accessible to people in Europe.

The Industry Status

All over the world, scientific discoveries and their medical potential are redefining the way society, politics and the medical community think about cannabis as a plant. In the past 5 years, more things have moved forward than in the 50 years before.

Amidst the ongoing legalization for medical and recreational purposes in North America and all around the world, Europe is following its own path. With more than 700 million inhabitants in continental Europe and 500 million within the EU, the market for cannabis is estimated to surpass 100 billion EUR by 2028.

Born out of Europe’s biggest market for Cannabis, Germany, Sanity Group specializes in Europe and its very distinct, localized markets, each with its own unique regulation, healthcare system and needs.

Why Cannabis hasn’t reached its potential yet

Research Backlog

We explore cannabis’ potential with research and development

Missing Access

We make cannabis accessible through our brands

Distorted Perception

We address cannabis’ image with our medical and political advisory board of experts

Our three pillars in one company

Sanity Medical

Sanity Medical focuses on the development and distribution of innovative cannabis pharmaceuticals on the way to become the number one independent European medical cannabis authority.

Sanity Care

Sanity Care is developing superior consumer products base on non-psychoactive cannabinoids. Our brands are the strongest CBD consumer brand in Europe.

Sanity Science

Sanity Science carries out R&D projects and produces high quality extracts for all operational business areas.

Sanity Medical

Vayamed is a fully-licensed pharmaceutical company developing and selling medicinal cannabis products to pharmacies and clinical institutions.
avaay Medical is the answer for patients who are looking for a personalised high-quality cannabis therapy with exclusive & natural products – without compromises.

Sanity Care

vaay is bringing the all-goodness-zero-badness magic of CBD to the wellbeing category and redefines what it means to find relief.
Belfry Medical focuses on the development and appliance of innovative technologies for the medicinal cannabis market. Belfry´s technologies include unique medical devices as well as digital health applications.