Vayamed Cannakits®: Innovative cannabis formulation kits enable new forms of application for an expanded therapy spectrum – experienced therapists sought for clinical support survey

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Berlin-based medical cannabis specialist Vayamed is launching a formulation innovation designed to open up new possibilities in cannabis therapy: The Vayamed Cannakits® are special formulation kits based on an innovative two-syringe technology and contain all ingredients for the standardized production of cannabinoid-based new dosage forms in pharmacies. The first version of the Vayamed Cannakits®, which is available at pharmacies now, is especially designed for doctors with cannabis therapy experience who would like to use the product for selected patients in individual therapeutic trials within their own therapeutic jurisdiction.

The special formulation sets are available in three variants for the standardized production of nasal spray emulsion, vaginal suppositories and rectal suppositories (cannabis extracts are not included): Vayamed Cannakit® Nasal Spray is designed to support rapid onset of action through absorption at the nasal mucosa and offers a simple alternative to oral or inhaled dosing that can be used discreetly in everyday life. Vayamed Cannakit® vaginal suppositories are intended to enable new therapeutic approaches in women’s health: Vaginal application offers an alternative to oral or inhaled dosing and also has the potential to open up new therapeutic areas such as the treatment of endometriosis symptoms, PMS or inflammation. Vayamed Cannakit® rectal suppositories are designed to offer an alternative when oral or inhaled forms of dosage are more difficult, for example for patients who are terminally ill.

First market version available – experienced therapists sought for clinical support survey

“After almost two years of development, we are very proud to be the first medical cannabis company in Germany to offer these alternative dosages in cannabis therapy. The new therapy options of the Vayamed Cannakits® are intended to benefit especially those patient groups for whom no optimal cannabis therapy has been possible so far due to a lack of alternative dosage forms, for example in palliative care or women’s health,” says Thimo V. Schmitt-Lord, Director New Markets & Innovation in the medical sector of Berlin-based Sanity Group, to which Vayamed belongs.

The first version of the Vayamed Cannakits®, which is now available in pharmacies, is specifically aimed at physicians with cannabis therapy experience, who would like to use the product on selected patients in individual therapy trials and thus contribute to further product development and casuistry developments.
Doctors who would like to receive more information and participate in a standardized evaluation of the use of the product in clinical practice can contact Vayamed at
Further information about the Vayamed Cannakits® is also available online at

About Vayamed
Vayamed specializes in the development and distribution of innovative cannabinoid-based medicinal products for the European market and is committed to making medicinal cannabis widely available to physicians, pharmacists and patients. To this end, Vayamed works with an established network of international partners. Vayamed is part of the Sanity Group, a health and life science company based in Berlin, Germany, dedicated to the medical and healthcare use of cannabinoids. For more information, visit and

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