Sanity Group appreciates the controlled dispensing of cannabis as stated in the coalition agreement

In their coalition agreement presented today, the parties SPD, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen and FDP have spoken out favouring controlled dispensing of cannabis. They would like to legalise the sale of cannabis for consumption purposes. Berlin-based cannabis company Sanity Group appreciated the decision.

“We are delighted that SPD, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen and FDP have agreed on the legalisation of cannabis for recreational use via controlled distribution to adults. We have been advocating a more liberal and responsible approach to cannabis for many years and firmly believe that a controlled dispensing is the right way forward. In this way, not only can the black market be curbed and product quality ensured, but youth and consumer protection can also be guaranteed through expert education and advice. The parties of the new German government have now laid the foundation, but the details still need to be worked out: Clear legislation and regulation are needed to define, among other things, the conditions for cultivation, processing, logistics and licensed distribution, thus ensuring quality and supply security. Here, we can also learn from the experience of other countries, such as Canada or the USA. Youth protection and prevention are also elementary and indispensable. We are clearly in favour of the revenue from a potential cannabis tax flowing into youth protection as well as target group-specific educational measures,” says Finn Hänsel, founder of the Sanity Group, who can very well imagine setting up and operating a system of licensed specialist stores. At the same time, the 39-year-old would like the planned legalisation to also uniformly regulate the handling of CBD products in Germany: “Here, we have had an unclear legal situation for all parties involved for years – this topic should now also be addressed in a future law.”

Fabian Friede, who founded Sanity Group together with Hänsel in 2018 and is also CEO of the pharmaceutical subsidiary Vayamed, adds: “The supply of patients with medical cannabis must not be restricted or jeopardised by a future controlled dispensing to adults for consumption purposes. We advocate that the medical cannabis market be clearly separated from the recreational cannabis market, which can be achieved through licensed stores.” In addition, Friede would like to see a simplified prescription of medical cannabis: “The authorisation requirement of health insurance companies must be abolished to make it easier for patients to access therapy with medical cannabis.”

About Sanity Group

The Berlin-based Sanity Group aims to improve people’s quality of life through the sensible use of cannabinoids and the utilisation of the endocannabinoid system. In addition to pharmaceuticals, the focus is also on wellbeing and cosmetic products based on cannabinoids. In parallel, Sanity Group is also working and researching new medical products, innovative dosage forms, and technological products and services to further develop the infrastructure. Sanity Group was founded in 2018 by Finn Age Hänsel and Fabian Friede and now employs a team of over 120 people. Sanity Group includes Vayamed (medical cannabis), Endosane Pharmaceuticals (finished pharmaceuticals), Belfry Medical (medical products), Sanatio CBD, VAAY (CBD products) and This Place (functional natural cosmetics), among others. For more information, visit: