Our Purpose:

Our Purpose:

We believe that everybody deserves to live a healthy life. After decades of scientific negligence of the cannabis plant, more and more research is proving what people already knew thousands of years ago: That cannabis can have a positive impact on peoples’ lives.

Therefore, it is our purpose to develop innovative cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals and wellbeing products, as well as make them widely accessible.

To utilize the full potential of its health benefits, Sanity Group is investing in fundamental research of the cannabis plant and its active ingredients as well as in specific areas of application. Equipped with this knowledge, we educate healthcare professionals, patients and consumers and support them to live a healthier life.

The Industry Status

All over the world, scientific discoveries and their medical potential are redefining the way society, politics and the medical community think about cannabis as a plant. In the past 5 years, more things have moved forward than in the 50 years before.

Amidst the ongoing legalization for medical and recreational purposes in North America and all around the world, Europe is following its own path. With more than 700 million inhabitants in continental Europe and 500 million within the EU, the market for cannabis is estimated to surpass 100 billion EUR by 2028.

Born out of Europe’s biggest market for Cannabis, Germany, Sanity Group specializes in Europe and its very distinct, localized markets, each with its own unique regulation, healthcare system and needs.

Our three pillars


Together with our partners, we research and develop innovative cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals and make them accessible and available to pharmacists, physicians and patients all over Europe.


Sanity Group’s companies work on various CBD based wellbeing products. By making our products accessible through online and offline channels, it is our goal to improve the quality of life of our consumers.


The third pillar of our portfolio companies focuses on tech-related products and services, thus creating the infrastructure for the advancement of the whole industry, while supporting our other portfolio ventures.

Our Portfolio Companies

Vayamed is developing and selling medicinal cannabis products to pharmacies and clinical institutions.
VAAY is bringing the all-goodness-zero-badness magic of CBD to the wellbeing category and redefines what it means to find relief.
...more coming soon
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