Partnerschaften in Portugal, Südafrika und Kanada: Sanity Group stärkt und diversifiziert sein weltweites Partnernetzwerk

Vayamed GmbH_Medizinalcannabis
Die Berliner Sanity Group hat neue, exklusive Lieferverträge für medizinische Cannabisblüten mit Partnern aus Portugal, Südafrika und Kanada unterzeichnet und sich damit weitere Exklusivrechte an rund 20 High-THC-Blüten ausgesuchter Kultivare mit einer Mindestmenge von drei Tonnen pro Jahr für die Marken Vayamed und AVAAY Medical gesichert. Der Lieferbeginn ist bereits für Ende des dritten Quartals 2022 geplant. 

Zu den neuen Partnern der Sanity Group für medizinische Cannabisblüten gehören neben Cannexpor Pharma aus Portugal u. a. die drei südafrikanischen Lieferanten FarmaGrowers, Chroni-Co und Safri Canna sowie aus Kanada Groupe Fuga, Habitat Life Sciences, Candre Cannabis und Miracle Valley Medicinal Alternatives. Zur Erweiterung der Sourcing-Optionen arbeitet der medizinische Arm der Sanity Group zudem auch mit MHI Cultivo Medicinal aus Portugal, einer Tochtergesellschaft von MediCane Health Inc, zusammen und bindet damit eine lizenzierte Plattform zur EU-GMP-Verarbeitung von Cannabisblüten aktiv in sein Netzwerk ein. Zur Stärkung seiner Marktposition bei Dronabinol und der Wirkstoffentwicklung hat das Berliner Unternehmen zudem eine exklusive Partnerschaft mit dem südafrikanischen Innovationsunternehmen GESLabs aus Kapstadt zur Herstellung innovativer Dronabinol-Produkte und Cannabis-Isolate geschlossen.

Insgesamt baut die Sanity Group durch die Erweiterung ihres Lieferanten-Netzwerks und den Aufbau neuer Innovations- und Wertschöpfungspartnerschaften ihre führende Position bei Medizinalcannabis-Produkten aus und stärkt ihre Pole-Position für die geplante kontrollierte Abgabe von Cannabis zu Genusszwecken in Deutschland. 

„Wir haben uns über 200 potenzielle Anbaupartner weltweit angesehen. Neben der Produktqualität und Prozesssicherheit haben uns die neuen Partnerunternehmen auch durch nachhaltige Unternehmensführung und ihren Enthusiasmus für Cannabis überzeugt”, erklärt Thimo V. Schmitt-Lord, Director Innovation & New Markets im medizinischen Bereich der Sanity Group. Die Partnerschaften seien langfristig angelegt, heißt es weiter.

Über die Sanity Group
Das Berliner Health- und Life-Science-Unternehmen Sanity Group hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt, die Lebensqualität von Menschen durch den sinnvollen Einsatz von Cannabinoiden und die Nutzung des Endocannabinoidsystems zu verbessern. Im Fokus stehen dabei neben Arzneimitteln auch Wellbeing- und Kosmetikprodukte auf Cannabinoidbasis. Parallel arbeitet und forscht die Sanity Group zudem an neuen Medizinprodukten, innovativen Dosierungsformen sowie technologischen Produkten und Dienstleistungen zur Weiterentwicklung der Infrastruktur. Zur Sanity Group, die 2018 von Finn Age Hänsel und Fabian Friede in Berlin gegründet wurde, gehören u. a. Vayamed und AVAAY Medical (Medizinalcannabis), Endosane Pharmaceuticals (Fertigarzneimittel), Belfry Medical (medizinische Produkte und digitale Anwendungen), VAAY (Wellbeing) und This Place (funktionale Naturkosmetik). Bei Frankfurt am Main betreibt die Sanity Group zudem eine Produktionsanlage für Cannabisextrakte. Mehr Informationen unter

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About Chroni-Co
Chroni-Co is a South African producer of high quality craft cannabis for the medical and pharmaceutical industry. The family business has been farming for over ten generations and follows the mantra: Old school values, New school visions. As dedicated preservationists of the land, the belief in living honestly, respectfully and with integrity in harmony with Mother Nature is upheld with the goal of producing the highest quality handcrafted cannabis for the medical and pharmaceutical industries to support research, and to promote non-harmful alternatives for pain management, mental health and chronic diseases. For more information, visit

About GESLabs
GESLabs is a cGMP pharmaceutical manufacturing business specializing in alkaloid and cannabinoid active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacture. Using carefully cultivated, (GACP), biomass processed through world-class technology GESLabs can deliver best-in-class active pharmaceutical ingredients for use in prescription medicines and wellness supplements. Find out more at

About SafriCanna
SafriCanna is a South African medical cannabis company focused on the cultivation, processing and export of high-grade medical cannabis flowers to international markets. It is the first and largest purpose built EU-GMP cannabis cultivator in South Africa and is on track to become the largest exporter of dry flower out of the Southern hemisphere. The company’s vision is to be the leading Southern hemisphere certified medical cannabis producer, by bringing together global best practices and unique South African advantages. SafriCanna has already established strategic distribution partnerships with the leading cannabis importers / distributors in Germany, UK, Israel and Australia. For more information, visit

About Cannexpor Pharma 
Cannexpor Pharma is an EU-based group of companies with an indoor pharmaceutical facility in Portugal that intends to supply pharma grade cannabis products to our partners and patients worldwide. Our focus is the quality of the product that we produce. Our indoor cannabis cultivation techniques and strict quality control allow us to achieve extreme purity of cannabis flowers, consistency of the selected cannabis genetics, and superior cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Find out more at

About MHI Cultivo Medicinal
Founded in 2019, Incorporated in Canada with presence in Israel, Portugal, Germany and Australia, MediCane’s seed-to-customer business model allows comprehensive monitoring and control of the cultivation process, along with subsequent medical and pharmaceutical R&D. This model includes genetic seed development, plant propagation and cultivation, manufacturing, pharmacological development, medical research, and distribution of the final products to end-users. The genetic bank contains a variety of strains that are cultivated in MediCane’s state-of-the-art greenhouses and then processed in post-harvest and manufacturing facilities under GACP and EU- GMP quality standards. The distribution of the final products to end-users is carried out through a global BTB and BTC partner network. In addition, through its EU-GMP premises in Portugal, MediCane Health Inc. provides contract manufacturing services for EU-GMP premium cannabis based preparations and substances, enabling premium pharma-grade and pharma-kraft cultivators around the world to meet the stringent European Good Manufacturing Practices standards and regulations for the health and wellbeing of patients. More information at

About FarmaGrowers
Established in 2019 in the North West Province of South Africa, FarmaGrowers specializes in the cultivation, manufacturing (curing) and exporting of Medicinal Cannabis. The vision is to provide the best quality EU GMP Medicinal Cannabis for export. FarmaGrowers aims to build lasting relationships with clients globally and be known as a market leader in a groundbreaking new industry. Leveraging the unique climate of Southern Africa as well as cutting edge technology and international experience, FarmaGrowers strives for sustainable growth and leaving an unforgettable, yet environmentally friendly footprint in the Medicinal Cannabis Industry, locally as well as internationally. For more information, visit

About Candre Cannabis
Candre Cannabis Inc., based in Sundre, Alberta, Canada, is a licensed craft cannabis producer focused on providing high-quality, in-demand cannabis products for medical and recreational use. Candre’s indoor facility built specifically for the production of premium quality cannabis is designed with 12 completely isolated grow rooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology including three tier mobile vertical grow infrastructure which triples the overall cannabis canopy. Find out more on

About Habitat Life Sciences
Canadian Habitat Life Sciences Inc. is focused on innovative, sustainable agriculture technology that is environmentally thoughtful and economical. Using cutting-edge technology and techniques, the company aims to revolutionize agriculture with an innovative approach to vertical growing and aquaponics that conserves land, water and air. Aquaponics is a production system that combines aquaculture, the cultivation of aquatic organisms, with hydroponics, the cultivation of plants in nutrient-enriched water. Habitat’s proprietary know-how and technology connects aquaculture waste streams to integrated hydroponic greenhouse infrastructure inputs resulting in an environmentally sustainable and economically profitable aquaponics system. To achieve its vision of balancing environmental stewardship with profitability in the production of both food and recreational cannabis, Habitat has assembled a team of leading edge aquaponics experts, horticultural experts, and business leaders. They believe that responsibly and sustainably grown products should not only nourish your body, they should nourish your mind, your community, and your habitat. For more information, visit

About Groupe Fuga
Groupe Fuga is a private corporation based in Stoneham, near Québec City, Canada. Philippe Laperrière is the company’s CEO. On an area of just over 8,600 square meters, Fuga grows cannabis in small batches, in living soil that is enriched with organic matter, in order to enhance its properties while favouring the health of both users and the staff. Fuga’s approach is clear and resolutely turned towards the future of this field: The company is much more interested in the entourage effect derived from the interactions with terpenes than in the race to produce cannabis with the highest THC level. 1% of the revenue is donated to the community for social projects. For more information, visit

About Miracle Valley Medicinal Alternatives
Miracle Valley is a fully operational, cultivation focused facility licensed under the Cannabis Act of Canada with the goal to provide the highest quality cannabis products available. The British Columbian based company established to produce, process, package and distribute bulk and finished cannabis to domestic and international distributors. Miracle Valley is driven by a passion for leadership and a commitment to being a world-class employer.  Miracle Valley’s team combines decades of experience growing true legacy craft strains with the most advanced tech in picturesque Mission, British Columbia. Their mission: To be a top tier provider of cannabis products and set the standard for premium cannabis cultivation. For more information, visit

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