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Endosane Pharmaceuticals agrees to Licence Agreement with PreveCeutical Medical thereby Securing Exclusive Rights to Innovative Technology

Endosane Pharmaceuticals has succeeded in taking an important step in the further development of effective delivery forms for cannabinoid products: A licensing agreement has been reached with Canadian company PreveCeutical Medical Inc., allowing Endosane to exclusively use the Canadians’ innovative Sol-Gel technology for the delivery of cannabinoid products. The agreement also includes the further analysis and evaluation of the scientific and commercial potential of the Sol-Gel technology. It is expected that the use of the technology will result in significantly improved cannabinoid uptake compared to conventional dosage forms.

Faster and more effective, thanks to improved absorption

For a drug to exert its effect, it must first be absorbed by the body and then it must reach the “right place.” Depending on the active ingredient, this seemingly simple process can become complex and present a significant hurdle in the drug development process. Cannabinoids in general and CBD in particular fall into this category. The development of a suitable alternative form of delivery is therefore of high importance.

If the scientific assumptions regarding Sol-Gel technology are confirmed in upcoming studies, this would represent a real milestone for the effective and targeted delivery of cannabinoids. The application is carried out via a nasal spray, which, due to the specific properties of the sprayed solution, remains on the nasal mucosa for a longer period of time, allowing the cannabinoids it contains to enter the bloodstream in greater quantities. In addition, it is believed that absorption occurs directly via the so-called “olfactory system” (responsible for the sense of smell) allowing the CBD to reach the ‘target’ receptors in the brain more directly.

“Optimistic that this technology will be a decisive step forward in the development of our drugs”

Max Narr, Managing Director of Endosane Pharmaceuticals, said: “We are very pleased that PreveCeutical Medical have entrusted us with their technology for further targeted investigation. Whilst we will first have to wait and see whether the previous assumptions are reflected in the results from corresponding studies, we are optimistic that this technology will be a decisive step forward in the development of our drugs.”

Endosane is currently in Phase II clinical trials for its cannabinoid-based drug for the treatment of schizophrenia. The company is engaged in the discovery, development and commercialization of drugs and pharmaceutical products for the treatment of various indications, through direct or indirect targeting of the human endocannabinoid system.

“We are confident that the agreement with Endosane will facilitate our path to commercialization. Upon successful evaluation, Endosane will utilize PreveCeutical’s technology to advance their drug from Phase II to Phase III clinical trials. If successful, we believe this will significantly enhance the value of our Sol-Gel technology and ultimately benefit both companies,” said Stephen Van Deventer, CEO of PreveCeutical Medical Inc.


About Endosane Pharmaceuticals

Endosane Pharmaceuticals GmbH, a joint venture between an international team of scientists and the Berlin-based health and life science company Sanity Group, which develops finished medicinal products for the treatment of neuropsychiatric and psychiatric disorders. To this end, Endosane Pharmaceuticals is systematically researching the endocannabinoid system for its potential to modulate neurophysiological balance. The current drug portfolio contains compounds for the treatment of various indications, including schizophrenia, social anxiety disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. Years of scientific research have laid the foundations for the founding of Endosane Pharmaceuticals. The international team is led by the renowned German neurologist and psychiatrist Prof. Dr. F. Markus Leweke (University of Sydney), long-time head of the Center of Excellence for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Research at the Central Institute of Mental Health Mannheim at the Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg. The company, founded in 2020, is based in Berlin. For more information, visit

About PreveCeutical Medical Inc.

PreveCeutical is a health sciences company that develops innovative options for preventive and curative therapies utilizing organic and nature identical products. The Canadian company aims to be a leader in the preventive health sciences sector. With the completion of three of its research programs, the Company is actively working on the development, clinical trials, and commercialization of its products; and has filed a number of provisional patent applications to protect the intellectual property from its research programs. For more information about PreveCeutical, visit